Istuinveistokset (“Seat sculptures”)


14 pieces

steel, paint

Parrulaituri and Capellanaukio, Kalasatama district, Helsinki, Finland

Photos: Marjukka Korhonen

Description of the work: 14-piece spacial artwork, Istuinveistokset. The inspiration for the three different groups of chairs were chair models from 20th century working-class homes from districts near Kalasatama. They bring a memory of the area’s past life to the public beach area in a newly built district. The chairs combine the intimate atmosphere of private homes with the open public space.

In contrast to ordinary sculptures, the seat sculptures are designed for use as well as viewing. However, their placement differs from what is normally expected from public furniture.

The seat sculptures are made of acid-proof steel, as spatial art designed for use requires special durability. The work’s metal surfaces have been polished and partially painted. The people sitting on the chairs and the marks left behind from their touches become a part of the work.

The work was completed in stages in 2016, 2018 and 2019.