I wanted to go swimming..


..experience catharsis by declaring yourself guilty *

A small video work with a raffle.

Case 6070/R/164387/08 video, duration 17 min

2 screen, 2 dvd-player, photos, single cell algae in growing bowls, raffle, 1 acrylic box for raffle, 1 recycled red kayak, declaration form, directions, table, chairs

I wanted to go swimmingis a media artwork with a strong environmental and political theme, and it can be found in the web at www.uimaan.net. The work has been realized by sculptor Marjukka Korhonen and media artist Raimo Uunila.

The artwork researches an anthropocentric view on the right of using the nature and the nature’s own rights to itself. It discusses the relationship and the understanding we humans have of the nature by investigating what kind of protection the law is able to offer for the nature. Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in a world. The series of events leading to the current situation have started already in the 50’s.

The work is based on a real report of an offence made to the Finnish police: 6070/R/164387/08. The reporting was a strange event. It was recorded so that others could see and wonder it, too. The sea was reported to have been polluted on the 9thof September 2008. Chief Inspector J. Mäkelä is in charge of the investigation.

I wanted to go swimmingoffers everyone the chance to admit their collective guilt for the pollution of the sea. It is difficult to actually judge anybody for that crime. You can, however, participate in the work and experience catharsis by declaring yourself guilty.

A raffle will be held among all the participants who submit the report of the offence, and the winner will receive the right to use a recycled red kayak during the summer. The recycled prize is raffled once a year.

Artwork consist of two videos 10-17 min, raffle, a report of an offence crime, samples from algae, red kayak Voyager 445 and website www.uimaan.net